Perfect Cover BB Cream Whitening BB CC Creams Nude Makeup

$27.65 USD

Type: BB & CC Creams
Benefit: Firm
Benefit: Hydrating
Benefit: Oil-control
Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant
Benefit: Moisturizer
Benefit: Sun Block
Benefit: Acne/Spot Removing
Benefit: Easy to Absorb
Benefit: Easy to Wear
Benefit: Nutritious
Benefit: Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory
Benefit: Pores
Benefit: Freckle Removing
Benefit: Concealer
Benefit: Anti-Wrinkle
Benefit: Whitening
Benefit: Natural
Benefit: Long-lasting
NET WT: 20ml
Size: Full Size
Ingredient: All Natural Ingredients, Organic
Weight: 20g
Sunblock: Yes
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Formulation: Cream