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We truly believe that using natural, eco-friendly products is the safest and most effective way to look and feel your best. Increasing studies link chemicals in traditional cosmetics, skincare, and other personal care products to health conditions such as allergies, hormonal disruptions, reproductive issues, cancer, and many others. The only cosmetic ingredients regulated by the FDA are color additives meaning almost anything can go into cosmetics. This makes it very hard for consumers to know which products are potentially harmful.

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Before I discovered this shop, I was always disappointed with drugstore makeup + skincare. I am so glad I now have a go-to spot for organic, natural cosmetics that are also against animal testing.

--Jessica B.

I love all the products these guys carry, but especially the lip tints and glazes They make my lips look amazing and I feel good that there are no horrible chemicals in them!

--Brittany K.

This is my one-stop shop for all my makeup, hair and skin products! I am so stoked to have found a company whose values are in line with mine, and will support them for a long time to come!!

--Kaitlyn M.